Would You Like to Export Your Product?

Would You Like to Export Your Product?

Exporting is much easier than most people think. The key to being an effective exporter is to employ the services of a freight forwarder. The freight forwarder will be of great assistance since they will handle all aspects of shipping your export order to your customer in any part of the free world. They will also alert you about any trade restrictions or quotas related to the country to which you want to export.

You only thing you have to do is locate a customer or customers in the country to which you want to export.  Agree on your selling price and the method of payment.  I always prefer payment by Letter of Credit (L/C).  Your customer may request open credit terms, which means they will want to pay you at some after you ship them their order. There is always the risk when you offer open account terms to a domestic or an international customer but there can be an advantage when are exporting. You can purchase export insurance on goods you are selling for export.

The IIC online course covers most everything you will need to know to start exporting immediately.  I also discuss how to buy insurance for your export orders.  I invite you to visit my web site at IICforSuccess.com for more information.


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