Ralph Slotnick


Ralph Slotnick has extensive experience in all facets of international trade for over four decades. He began his career in business as a factory representative selling consumer electronic goods. He soon expanded his responsibilities and was in charge of a group of factory representatives who reported to him. He had enough representatives to cover the eleven western states so he concentrated his efforts on the territory in Texas that borders Mexico. This was his first exposure to exporting.
Mr. Slotnick’s customers in Texas were selling consumer electronics to Mexico and he saw the potential long before it was fashionable to speak of the “global economy.” He even dabbled in mail order sales – the precursor to selling goods online.
As an entrepreneur, Mr. Slotnick was aware of market trends. He saw the successes his customers were having in Mexico selling car stereos so he decided to create his own brand of car stereos that he would have manufactured in Japan, Korea and Taiwan under the name MetroSound. His company, MetroSound, was one of the largest suppliers of car stereos in Mexico in the 1970’s and 1980’s. It became a multi-million dollar business, and Mr. Slotnick was the founder and owner.
MetroSound products were also sold in the United States and in seventeen other countries. He had an office in Tokyo, Japan which was his buying office. Under Mr. Slotnick’s ownership, MetroSound products were exhibited at fifty-two consecutive Consumer Electronics Shows.
After twenty-six years, Mr. Slotnick sold Metrosound to Texas High Tech, a public company. Since then, he has continued to be an importer/exporter working with large individual accounts in the United States.
For over four decades, Ralph Slotnick has been involved in every aspect of international business. In the next phase of his career, he will teach individuals who would like to establish a business in global trade. Using his vast experience, he will teach his students what they need to know in an “easy to understand,” practical manner and all of this information will be accessed through his online courses.

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