Strategic Partnerships


IIC and CalAsian have formed a strategic partnership which will provide yet another dynamic way in which CalAsian can fulfill its mission to “retain, grow and empower the Asian American and Pacific Islander business communities throughout California.” Exporting to Pacific Rim countries can be the key to success for AAPI businesses in the state and having the tools needed is the way to achieve this success. IIC provides one of the most important tools – providing knowledge of all facets of international trade.

How does IIC accomplish this? IIC offers an online course in global business that teaches everything a person needs to know to become an international entrepreneur. The course which is entitled, “Importing and Exporting Made Easy” covers topics such as: fundamentals of exporting; understanding the global marketplace; market trends; trade shows; importing; buying and selling; financing; transporting (logistics); licensing and much more. Each topic is taught in an easy-to-understand format, and since it is an online course, it can be accessed any time – at the person’s convenience. The information in the course is provided by Ralph Slotnick, CEO and Founder of IIC, who has had extensive experience in international trade for over four decades. The lessons taught are relevant in today’s connected global business world.

Reduce your company’s risk by reducing dependence on domestic business and taking advantage of exporting from California. Together, IIC and CalAsian will help AAPI businesses thrive!