Sue Slotnick has worked in the field of education for over 35 years. Most recently, she has been an administrator for independent schools, where her passion has been ensuring that all students have an opportunity to receive an excellent education.

In her career as an administrator, Sue has specialized in school funding, and has been both an innovator and an entrepreneur.

Through her experience, Sue has recognized the tremendous value of adult education, and the growing opportunities in the field provided by technology. She is a believer in online courses, which can address the needs of adults with different learning styles and time constraints, and allow students to work at their own pace and their own schedule.

As Director of Advancement at an independent school, Sue has overseen and implemented an extensive marketing program that included analysis of market trends. She has also created and overseen the operations of a school department that generated the school business plan, which included both long and short-term goals. Additionally, she has helped design and implement strategic plans for the educational institutions where she has worked as a senior administrator.

Sue has been a necessary and vital part of the development of the online courses provided by the Institute of International Commerce.