Why is it Important to Know About International Trade?

Why is it Important to Know About International Trade?

Why is it important to know about international trade? The answer is clear – in the 21st century, it will be more important than ever for business people to know how to conduct business throughout the world. Success is at your fingertips if you are knowledgeable about the global marketplace.

If you want to start your own import or export business, here is some questions you need to know before embarking on this new career.

• What product do you want to sell and where do you want to sell it?
• Where can you buy this product?
• How do you market this product in the U.S. and/or internationally?
• What do I need to know about restrictions, required documentation and shipping (logistics)?
• What do you need to know about financing your business?
• How do you continue to grow your business? Do you have a good business plan?
If you do not wish to start your own company, knowledge of international trade can be helpful in many careers. Here are a few examples.
• Work in the international division of a bank
• Work for an import or export company
• Create an import or export division of an existing company
• Create a new search engine that will facilitate the importing and exporting of products worldwide
• Design, invent or modify a product that can be manufactured for import or export
• License a brand to be used on a product for importing or exporting
• Work for an international logistics company
• Work for a freight forwarder

Remember, importing and exporting is easy and very profitable if you take time to learn the basics. Enroll in the IIC online course, “Importing and Exporting Made Easy” to begin your journey to success.

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