Opportunity Abounds at the Black College Expo

Opportunity Abounds at the Black College Expo

On February 6, 2016, more than 15,000 people attended the annual Black College Expo held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Everyone we spoke to had come to find out more about the opportunities available to students entering college. It was exciting to see engaged, energized young people and their parents exploring the wide variety of exhibitor’s booths at the Expo.

IIC was one of those proud exhibitors and the many attendees who visited our booth listened carefully to what we had to say. Our message was clear-the future for these young people will include being able to engage with others from every part of the globe. These students will be part of a global economy and no matter what field they choose, knowing the language of international trade will make them the smartest people in the room.

Some of the young people and their families wanted to know more about becoming an international entrepreneur. Others wanted to know about related fields, such as banking, International law or simply working for a company that buys or sells in the global marketplace. The IIC course, “Importing and Exporting Made Easy,” provides the vehicle for being well versed in international trade. This easy-to-understand course is meant to be a supplement to a college education for college-bound students – a low-cost online course that can be accessed at the student’s convenience.

Many of the parents even asked about opportunities for themselves. College was not in their future and some of them were considering a lucrative, rewarding career change that wouldn’t require years in school. The IIC online course is designed for them as well.

This is especially true for veterans of the US armed services, who can now sign up for a special, lower military rate.
The Black College was a great first step for attendees exploring the possibilities of the future, and learning ways to take that future into their own hands.

— Susan Slotnick, Director of Admissions and Marketing

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