I’m a Veteran – How Do I Find a Good Job Now?

I’m a Veteran – How Do I Find a Good Job Now?

If you are a veteran and are thinking about what you will do after leaving the military, here are some suggestions:

  1. Some of us are clear about our interests and know exactly which field we would like to pursue for a career. For others of us, we might benefit from exploring the wide range of options available. If you fall into this latter group, we recommend a very powerful search tool called O-Net. The site takes some navigating, but if you invest the time, it can open your eyes to many interesting career paths.
  2. If you find your interests are in the areas of international business, the next best step would be to enroll in IIC’s online courseImporting and Exporting Made Easy. There is a 50% discount for veterans which can be accessed by entering the promotional code USVET when you sign up.

Remember, doing business in the global marketplace is a career for now and in the future. Understanding importing and exporting can be incredibly helpful when pursuing the following career paths:

  • Starting your own import or export business
  • Working in the international division of a bank
  • Working for an import or export company
  • Creating an import or export division of an existing company
  • Creating a new search engine that will facilitate the importing and exporting of products worldwide
  • Designing, inventing or modifying a product that can be manufactured for import or export
  • Facilitating the licensing of a product for export in a particular country
  • Licensing a brand to be used on a product for importing or exporting
  • Working for an international logistics company
  • Working for a freight forwarder

There are many employers who are eager to employ individuals who have served our country. Many opportunities await you if you put the effort into finding a career that fits who you are and the skills you have to offer.

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